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She rose unsteadily to her feet. Everything around her was devoid of light, but she could see her hands and feet as she pushed herself up. Perhaps the room was not devoid of light, she mused, but merely made of an essence the color of pure darkness. She looked around her, but there was nothing to be seen. Did the room stretch on forever, or would she run headfirst into a wall the moment she took a step? Or perhaps, she thought with a shudder, would any movement cause her to plummet off an unseen cliff?

In her hesitation, her eyes focused on a previously unnoticed sight. A small sliver of light was peeking out some distance in front her, as if hidden behind a silhouetted object. Taking a deep breath, the girl began to slide her feet across the cold, smooth floor, careful to make sure the next step was firmly planted before putting any weight on it. She walked in parallel to the light, so as to look around whatever shadowed object was obstructing her view.
Then, all at once, the image became clear.
She was standing off to the side of a large, destroyed pillar, illuminated on the front by some mysterious force. At the pillar's base lay a figure, slumped over and heavily wounded.

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