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"where did you go?

we were trying to make it down
          we were so close

and you just-

  you just left me"

Acorn's head was spinning. Where was she, and who was this? It was a dream, it had to be!

...but then why was she in so much pain?

it had been a gradual realization, but her body ached from every joint. She'd felt pain in dreams, sure.   but never so.. deep.

The boy turned his gaze from her, obviously distraught and on the verge of falling from lucidity.

"you're not an echo, they never heard your voice
  we were so careful

so careful"

His voice cracked, fading to a ragged breathing. He sat in silence for a moment, as his head tilted to the floor.

what followed was one final question, filled equally with fear and sorrow, as his voice strained for the words

"then what are you?"

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