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--- ACT 1 ---

(Or 'the part where a foolhardy plan is hatched')

"Hey, Kai!"

"Acorn! You're up early!"

"Weird night. What are you painting?"

"So, as part of my observations, I decided I wanted to draw the reflection in the canal at sunrise"

"What's the big yellow streak?"

"Yeah, well, I started with the sun, but when I started putting in the details, I realized it had moved, so I painted it again, but then I realized the previous shading wouldn't make sense if I removed the old sun, so I kept that too.

. . .

then it happened like 3 more times"

"I like it, it's got personality"

"I think I'm going to just call it an abstract metaphor about the passage of time. What made your night weird?"


"You said you had a weird night."

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