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"I had a dream"

"You're right, that is pretty weird."

"Very funny, Kai"

"Thank you, I try"



"The dream, what was it about?"

"Oh yeah, sorry, i got distracted


yeah, so, it was all dark. like, pitch black everywhere, except for this boy."

"He knew me, but I didn't know him. told me he loved me, and that I needed to find him. he looked hurt, like, real hurt. he gave me something, I think?

i don't know. it felt so real and yet so distant. it was so... painful."


was the boy Cal?"

Acorn rolled her eyes, as the situation dictated.

"Oh, shut up, I never liked Cal"

"I don't know, you two seemed pretty chummy last we bumped into him"

Acorn dutifully gave Kai a soft shove as Kai giggled her head off. The moment was gone, and the day was still young.