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A quick primer on Prosper:

Originally intended as an alternate home for humanity, Prosper became home to a unified population of Humans and Allokians.

The Allokians were found during humanity's development of advanced space travel, and resources on their 'alien' homeworld unlocked the key to Warp Engine technology, allowing for the ability to cross distances faster than linear light-speed travel. However, a lot of that is a story for another time.

The area currently ahead of us is the border of one of the planet's largest residential areas, the city known as Equiah. This outskirt where Acorn resides is the Allokian district. Though open to all species, much of the culture and population is based on modernised Allokian society.

Acorn lives here too.

The Unyte Center is basically a chain of malls set up in each of the major cities between the districts. They serve some official purposes too, and thus got dubbed 'center' instead of 'teen shopping space'.

No one's really complaining though. It's a pretty cool place with a lot of great consumerism potential.

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