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"Heya Wrench, still pounding away at that ship of yours?"

Troth snapped to, slightly frazzled at the realization that his quiet, solo trip to the mall had come to a halting end. It was a surprise, but not necessarily an unpleasant one.

"Acorn, Kaianie! What are you both doing here?"

"Looking at clothes, skipping studies, take your pick."

Troth looked at his younger sister. She shrugged. If skipping their work didn't bother his studious sibling, then it didn't bother him.

"Sounds like a pleasant use for the day."

"It's not bad"

"What's that? New warp-drive?"

"You know it's not, Acorn. This box is clearly too small."

He knew she was messing with him, but he felt obliged to correct her nonetheless.

"And actually, the internals are fully complete! Everything from here on is just cosmetics and upgrades, and a little tweaking to the entertainment center. Today's task is figuring out a color scheme."

Kaianie let out a little squeal of excitement.

"Today's paint day? I can still do designs for it, right??"

"Of course! As soon as the base dries."

Kaianie beamed from ear to ear; her brother was so smart.

Acorn rolled her eyes; her friends were massive nerds.

...yet she wouldn't have had it any other way

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