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"Oh, Troth! Acorn had a dream last night!"

"A... dream?"

"It's really not..."

"Tell him!"

Acorn shot Kai a pointed glare. Kai was blissfully unaware of the emotion behind the expression, and remained looking at Acorn excitedly.

"Ummm... okay.

So, it was all dark, and there was this boy - I could see the boy because he was the only thing that wasn't dark - and he handed me a bracelet and told me to find him... oh and he knew me! but i didn't know him. and it was painful, I think?"

Acorn trailed off, going over what she'd just uttered to see if any of it was coherent. Troth stared at her for a moment.

"Cool story, Acorn."

Not her proudest moment in the realm of communication.

"Kai was the one who asked me to tell you, so blame her."

Kai shrugged

"Technically, that's exactly what you told me, just in different phrasing."

"Good seeing you guys! After I finish this up, you are more than welcome to come view it."

"Goodbye, brother! And I think you meant 'paint it', not 'view it'."

Troth let out a chuckle, giving Kai a thumbs-up as he began to walk away, arms laden with bits and bobs of tech.

Kai turned back to Acorn,


"Yes, please! Then I want to check out the new thrift stalls."

Acorn glanced towards one of the many windows to her right, out at the blanket of grey beginning to cover the sky.

"Then we should probably leave. I want to get back home while I still have a chance to remain dry."

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