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an hour later...

.    .    .

"I'm thinking I'll style it after our fort by the canal"

Kai broke the silence between them as they crossed the first walkway on their journey back home. Acorn, previously muddled in her own thoughts, snapped to attention.


"Troth's ship. Remember that little fort we made years back? I'm thinking of painting some of our decor from there onto the ship."

"Do tell"

"Well, it was a good little hideaway, wasn't it? Just the three of us, having adventures together. I'll borrow some of the sun motifs, maybe the sketches you did of us, and probably a lot of the general patchwork of it all. Actually, I wonder what he's going to name it..."

"those sketches are nightmarish. they look like circles someone threw paint at."

"But that's just the charm! The crudeness, the youth of it all. It's hobbyist space-travel, let's make a journey out of it when we can! i like being reminded of how it was before...

before it all got so serious"

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