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"Plus, we've got to have the ship looking good if we ever meet any cute dream-boys along the way"

Kaianie smiled to herself, and looked to see Acorn's reaction to her extra-witty comment. She saw the expression on Acorn's face, saw their location. It clicked.


Acorn's voice was quiet, little more than a whisper.

"i'm glad i have you guys"

Acorn blinked, refocusing on her immediate environment as she shrugged away the moment.

"You're right, we should keep it lighthearted. fun."

"You know I didn't mean-"

"I know Kai. Of course I know"

Acorn smiled at her.

"You don't have a mean bone in you"

"I've always got your back."

"And I've got yours"

Kaianie opened her mouth to speak, seeking any way to alleviate the sudden somber mood, but didn't get the chance.

"Rain's picking up. Where are we headed?"

"Oh, umm, I've got a piece to finish before tomorrow, so we could head back to my studio? I mean, I don't know if there's anywhere to sit, but-"

Acorn chuckled to herself. Kaianie was always putting her friends first, even when it made no sense to.

"I'll catch you later, Kai. Go get your work done so you can paint tonight."

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