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Acorn reopened her eyes to the soft glow in front of her. It was barely evening, but the perfect storm of weather and a fresh change of clothes was launching an all-out assault on her eyelids. With a sigh, she reminded herself that she needed to sleep at a reasonable time and continued to hold her eyes awake. The light of the small screen in front of her face easily contributed to most of the light in her room, and it was serving as the perfect way to distract and unwind.

The minutes ticked on as Acorn browsed this and that, catching up with her favorite musicians and looking at hobbyist craft supplies. She had recently realised she had a budding interest in travel, and soon also proceeded to go down a rabbit-hole of reading about the cities far beyond her current reach. Naturally, in her pursuit to remain comfortable and awake, her repositionings led her to slowly drooping off her bed head-first. She continued to scroll through images of a city built entirely on the side of a sheer cliff, even as her head turned completely upside-down.

That is, until she fumbled and dropped her screen on her nose. Wincing, she turned her head to see where it had bounced to.

Instead, she saw something that made her entire being freeze.

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