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The rain wasn't so bad this time. The umbrella probably helped.

Acorn stood across the street. She needed to tell them. Needed someone to know the absurdity of what had just occurred. But how could she explain it? Why would they believe her? Did she believe herself? Maybe she'd just woken up in the night, bought it, had a dream, and then forgotten about the entire ordeal.

That would make sense. But she knew it wasn't true. It shouldn't affect her like it did. But how could she explain it?

Acorn's mind was racing. How could it not?

The questions kept coming, being replaced before they could be fully thought. Who was the boy? Did she know him? Why was it so dark? Why her? Why now?

Deep breaths. She had stuff she needed to figure out.

She wasn't crazy. She'd double-checked.

She needed to understand more before she brought it before anyone else.

Yes. She needed time. They didn't need this headache.

or, more realistically,

she didn't want them to think she was lying

And so

she walked


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