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[Troth] => you look cold.

[Troth] => we'd be happy to have you join us, just so you are aware.

Acorn's phone buzzed. She checked the text as she went around the corner, then came to a standstill.


He always was the perceptive one of the group, even if he didn't like to let others onto that fact.

Acorn hesitated in the rain, but she knew the jig was up. With a nervous sigh she walked back around the corner, across the street and into the light of their garage. She gave a sheepish smile, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. Kaianie was still happily painting away, fully absorbed in her own world, but Troth gave her an affirming nod as she walked in.

"Hey, guys"

Kaianie whipped around with a grin,

"Acorn! What do you think??"

She hastily flicked her brush in the direction of the ship, signalling to Acorn what she was referring to as though it wasn't the only notable object in the room.

Acorn narrowed her eyes in focus and feigned a smile, even though her mind still hadn't fully snapped out of the fog. Kai's face dropped; Troth wasn't the only perceptive one.


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