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In that moment, Acorn's mind went blank. She had a vague idea of why she was there, but with no idea how to move forward her thoughts chose to shut down.


Kaianie glanced at Troth for any clues on how to read the situation, but that single look made her realize he was just as lost as her.

Through the haze, Acorn put her hand deep into her jacket pocket, numbly gripping the object that was responsible for this coming chaos. Still attempting to pull her thoughts back from the cacophony in her head, she slid the bracelet out and presented it flatly to her friends.

Kaianie's face visibly flickered between concern and confusion, each fighting for prominence in her mind. Troth had no such quarrel, and quickly showed absolute bewilderment.

Acorn realized they were all looking at her, and that the longer she held this moment the harder it would be to force out words.



you know that dream, that i had?"

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