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Troth chuckled nervously. He knew the situation was somehow gravely serious, but with little context to the weirdness he faced, his brain responded with a misfire of opposing emotions.

Kaianie shook her head, as if to clear the cobwebs that had gathered in the last couple seconds.

"Acorn...? Is that...?"

Acorn nodded. Kaianie went still once again, trying to process the information.

"and you're sure?"

Acorn shook her head solemnly

"no other explanation"

"What is happening right now?"

Troth butted in, unable to continue silently observing the events playing out in front of him. Kaianie looked at Acorn questioningly. Acorn responded to her gaze with a somber assuredness.

"so, somehow, this bracelet is the one from,"

"from my dream."

Troth's face fell flat.

"My apologies;

from your dream?"

Acorn nodded.

Troth continued to stare at her, his mouth opening and closing as the questions in his mind raced for priority.

Kaianie looked at Acorn,

"So, what does this mean?"

"I think,

I think it means we go find him?"

Acorn hadn't really processed the answer to that question. She knew what it was, of course, it just felt absurd to say out loud. It was absurd to say out loud.

Fortunately, the blow of that statement's absurdity was lessened as the bracelet suddenly emitted a vibrant flame from its crest.

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