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The three met in front of the garage just as the sun began peeking over the buildings on the lower platforms.

Troth yawned. He had already been up multiple hours perusing the morning markets, and making sure they were well equipped for their weekend journey.

Kaianie was a little more chipper, having slept comfortably. She had also managed to make herself a nice, warm drink before heading down, which she was currently sipping.

Acorn just stared ahead. She was more awake than she had any right to be, considering she hadn't managed to sleep more than an hour at the most last night. However, more than expected still was not a lot, and the gears weren't quite turning at their peak levels.

Kaianie handed Acorn her thermos with a nudge, which Acorn happily accepted after getting over the immense startle of being snapped out of zoning out. As Acorn sipped away, Kaianie addressed the group

"So, are we ready for this?"

Kaianie looked at Acorn. She gave a brief nod before looking questioningly at Troth. He was the only one with any objective insight into the matter, after all. Troth gave a supportive combo of a nod and a shrug, indicating that they were logistically ready but that it wasn't his place to speak to their mental state.

"Well... I guess that's settled, then.

This is our weekend."

Acorn's eyes peered over the rim of the oversized mug tilted up to her mouth, and met the pointed look Kaianie had just turned to her with.

"Let's go find your dream boy."

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