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"Any final checks, Troth?"

"Making them as we speak."

"Acorn, you can put your stuff over there. Let me show you which bunk is yours."

"Wow, a lot's changed since last I was in here. This looks awesome, Troth!"

"I picked out the bedding, Troth's stuff was worse than sleeping on the floor."

"Oh, quiet down, Kaianie. You slept on that stuff almost as many times as I, and you know it's perfectly serviceable."

"Please tell me this ship's capacities exceed 'serviceable' on the other fronts too."

"This ship's ready for anything, do not even begin to worry."

"Are we ready?"

"Did you put the perishables in the refrigeration unit?"

"On it!"

"Then it appears we are. Opening the shutters now, and will begin initiating ascent shortly. Kaianaie, will you commence the countdown?"

"It would be my honor."





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