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"Ladies and ladies,

I present unto you: space."


look at it all..."

"When was the last time you left Prosper, Acorn? I haven't been up this far in years."

"Probably longer for me. I barely remember it, but I know I went."

Kaianie took a few hesitant steps towards the main window, placing her palm gently on the glass. Prosper was slow to recede beneath her feet, its vastness unparalleled by anything she could begin to dream up. Watching as the endless black crept around the edges of her vision instilled an intense fear. She may not have been able to imagine something to the scale of her planet, but she couldn't even begin to comprehend its infinitely small place in the sea of emptiness around her.

"I'm... going to sit down in back for a second."

As Kaianie left towards the back of the vessel, Acorn was just returning towards the front.

"Hey, Troth. You're going to need this."

"It appears our adventure is officially 'afoot' "

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