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It was truly a momentous occasion.

Or it should have been. The whole ordeal still seemed so absurd, most likely because it blatantly was. The absurdity caused an intangibility, and Acorn struggled to fully acknowledge the moment.

There was also one small matter that had yet to be addressed, and it had just occurred to Acorn through her morning fog:

"So, Troth. You don't happen to, you know, have any idea how far away this thing is, right?"

Troth looked genuinely shocked for a brief moment, which quickly turned into a wry smile as he kept staring directly ahead.


"... yeah?"

"All I am knowledgeable of is the fact that you were provided a bracelet presumably from a man inside your dreams, and that said bracelet seems to be pointing somewhere. The information I lack covers a rather large span of items that include distance, the nature of our destination, or if it even physically exists to begin with."

Acorn took a moment to process this information, before deciding she should prod him just a little further.

"So, 'no' then?"

Troth chuckled to himself. He knew Acorn was partially messing with him at this point, but he felt compelled to play into it regardless.

"No, unfortunately."


Acorn shot him two thumbs-up, before going back to staring out the window. In a matter of moments, her eyes became fully glazed over. Troth noticed this fact, and quietly accepted that not everyone could be as functional at dawn as he was.

"Caffeine's in the refrigeration unit, by the way."

Acorn blinked several times, and Troth could pinpoint the exact instant that she realized his words conveyed vital information.

"Aw, heck yeah! Thanks, Troth!"

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