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The minutes passed. Acorn got her morning brew and a spare tablet Troth had lying around, and began looking at the various designs of Prosper's stilt cities on the screen.

Kaianie took a short nap to get over her existential awe, and headed back to the central area to look for food upon her awakening.

Meanwhile, Troth dutifully and silently steered their vessel out of Prosper's orbit-space, and - once they'd cleared all short-range communication - set them on a cruising speed in the direction of the bracelet's guidance. Once they were outside the mandatory 'manual control' range of Prosper, he would engage the automatic short-range warp and effectively bend small distances of empty space to cut down on travel time.

A short time later, after everyone had effectively broken out of their fog and been freed from their navigational duties, Kai made everyone breakfast.

And they began to wait.

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