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"She's sound asleep in your bed."

"Ah, let her have it. Take the loft tonight?"

"I will. What have you been working on?"

"A little of this, a little of that. Was working on some pieces for the portfolio, but now I'm just sketching."

"Is there any particular subject of focus?"

"A lot of... I don't know. Space? Or like, vastness. Things have been changing a lot in the past couple of years.

I guess it's just... daunting?"

"And now we are about 2-hundredths of an Astronomical Unit from Prosper, chasing a boy made of dreams."

Kaianie let out a sigh

"Yep. And now we're chasing a dream boy."

"What are we to construe of this whole situation, exactly?"

"In what way?"

"In all of the ways. It's highly improbable to state the minimum, but also improbably sincere."

"I have no clue. She seems shaken. I have no doubt she believes that it's true, but she's as lost as we are. Worst case scenario, we get a nice weekend road-trip. Best case... your guess is as good as mine."

"Do you think this has anything to do with...?"

"No, I think this is different, something new. This doesn't seem desperate, but rather,

...I'm not sure, exactly."

Troth paused for a moment, double-checking that Acorn was sound asleep in the other room. Soft snoring reached his ears, so he decided to continue. Personally, he did not feel it necessary to discuss the emotions of others, but he knew it helped his sister to verbally process.

"She has seemed happier this year."

"Yeah, she has. It's good to see her like this again."

"If I may ask, what exactly happened back then?"


"That night when she went running off."

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