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"I ran to catch up to her.

We were in the lowlands by the old market, and the streets were full that night. I knew what her face meant, but I don't think I understood the implications the same way. I lost track of her quickly, but finally spotted her almost sprinting to the old Kakhvak trail. It had started to drizzle, so I took off after her.


"Acorn, stop!"

She didn't acknowledge me, but started flagging as she got further down the path. I still remember watching her lean against one of the railings, before sliding down and burying her hands between her knees and her face.

She didn't move when I took my sprint to a halt.

I knelt down beside her.

We held that position. For a while. Until I couldn't take it anymore,

and right when I started to speak -

"They declined it."

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